• FASMEC works as a working group of Government Private Sector Forum (G-PSF) that solves all problems of SMEs and is a private sector to protest with ministries and government
  • Getting trade opportunities and new experiences from business matching of local and global
  • Products are promoted through exhibition and other events
  • Getting all information relating to SMEs and understanding more about the trade development
  • Able to join trainings , workshops and meetings which are both in local and international locations ,and all costs are organizer’s duty
  • Able to get loan from FASMEC microfinance with special rates
  • Able to have registered trade facilitation.


Currently, FASMEC has divided members into 03 categories:

 1. Support Members

Support members refer to all enterprises and listed companies and have employee of 05 and up. Professional or scientific associations and others can also be support members of FASMEC as well.

 2. Special Members

Special Members are members from the company which has employee more than 200 and is in the service sector, banking, insurance, health institutions that registered properly .

 3. Observed Members

Observed Members are all SMEs which are whether or not registered.

Roles and Duties of Members

FASMEC have had enough strength and power to works unless the participation of all members who contribute budget and attend activities. And each member has roles and duties are defined by the following:

  • Support members must pay an annual contribution of $ 100
  • Special Members must pay an annual contribution of $ 300
  • Observed Members must pay an annual contribution of $ 12
  • All members must participate in the exhibition which is organized and invited by FASMEC
  • Attend all meetings or in collaboration with the relevant ministries and agencies
  • Join trainings, workshops, or consultations involving its business sectors
  • Attend meetings of the Working Group Manufacturing Small and Medium and Services that made ​​2 times a year
  • Able to let down route in enterprises when ask for
  • Try to transform its members from observed members to support members or special members as conditions were defined.